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Online Slot Machines Stakes Capped at £5 in UK

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More misery for online slot players in the UK. The government has just announced a cap of £5 per spin for online slot machines, and a reduced limit of just £2 for younger customers. The UK government is trying to tighten regulations and harm that could be cost to online bettors.

Recent changes already made by the Gambling Commission have included; making each spin last 2.5 seconds and removing the option for auto spins. Both of these changes were disliked by online slot players.

However, Casino Guru feel this will not impact the majority of online slot players, as £5 per spin is a fairly hefty amount per spin. While the government were considering a higher limit per spin of up to £15, they opted for the lower amount of £5 for over 25s.

These new limits are proposed to commence in September 2024. Let us know at [email protected] what you think of these new changes.